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3D Live Snooker Game free download

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Snooker is one of the most popular billiards games in the world. Not only do you need skill shooting balls into pockets, you also need strategy. 

3D Live Snooker Free Version|5.43 MB

3D Live Snooker is an amazingly realistic Snooker Simulation Game. It is extremely addictive and the hours simply fly by with each sitting.

 Snooker is played with 15 red balls (10 reds for Short Snooker rule) and additionally 6 'colors' along with a 'white' cueball. Any single red-colored is definitely worth 1 aim, yellowish 2 points, green-3, brown-4, blue-5, pink-6 and also black-7.
Even while indeed there are reds on top of the table, the basketball you need to shoot at just alternates between reds and additionally colors, till there are not any reds in the table. Whenever solely colors remain, the golf balls has got to be potted in ascending numerical value. Whenever indeed there are reds in the table, and a brand new striker approaches the table, the very first basketball to shoot at is obviously reddish.
Fouls happen when you hit the completely wrong golf balls very first and additionally generate a 4 point rise in your opponents' socre. High foul points are really granted for colors golf balls. Lacking balls completely or perhaps pocketing the wrong golf balls also produce foul aspects. Whenever all golf balls are really pocketed, the player with the greatest achieve wins.

3D Live Snooker Full Version Features

  • Play both Short and Long Snooker game types
  • Play other people over a Network or on your computer
  • Get all future updates of the game for free
  • Unlimited game play
  • Play 5 skill levels from Basic to Champion
  • Change cues, balls, and game screens

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3D Live Snooker Game free download
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